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The PurWater™ Laundry-Care H2o Recovery System (patent pending) manufactured by New Wave Industries, Ltd. of Sacramento, CA. is engineered to capture, filter and reuse the wash water, reducing the Operators’ demand for fresh water and minimizing effluent discharge. As a result, Operators’ effectively reduce water/sewer costs by as much as 65% without negatively impacting wash quality and increasing their bottom-line. The PurWater™ Laundry-Care H2o Recovery System is environmentally friendly and generates a typical Return on Investment in 24-36 months.

                  The patent pending PurWater™ system is the industry’s first “Smart Water Recovery System” and is skillfully engineered incorporating Variable Frequency Drive & Programmable Logic Controller technology to assure the Operator of efficient, cost-effective and reliable performance, coupled with our totally physical Succession Filtration ensuring optimum quality wash water eliminating the need of costly and labor intensive disposable filters and or consumables. The PurWater™ Laundry-Care Advanced Ozone Oxidation feature sanitizes, whitens and brightens eliminating the need of harsh chemistry and extending textile life and the Human Machine Interface provides the Operator with a user friendly graphics-based visual platform that monitors function, performance and provides diagnostics at a glance increasing productivity and minimizing downtime.   

The PurWater™ Laundry-Care H2o Recovery system is scalable to meet multiple targeted wash applications, various effluent filtration options are available to meet local municipal requirements. All PurWater™ Laundry-Care H2o Recovery systems are pre-wired / pre-plumbed and engineered for ease of installation as a retro-fit to an existing wash model or new construction. Contact New Wave today to learn more about how a PurWater™ Laundry-Care H2o Recovery system can reduce your water/sewer costs and increase your bottom-line. Tax credits and or rebates may be available through your local municipality for incorporating a PurWater™ Laundry-Care H2o Recovery System into your laundry business.

Whether you operate a Coin Laundry, Dry Cleaner, On Premise Laundry (OPL) or Commercial Tunnel Laundry operating multiple shifts; New Wave has a PurWater™ Laundry-Care system to meet your needs. Contact New Wave Industries today to learn more (800)882.8854