Add-on Equipment

PurClean™ add-on equipment is available for your specific site needs. From delivery pumps to trench flush equipment we offer add-on items to ensure that your PurClean™ equipment is running at optimal performance. 


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water recovery
system add-ons

  • Trench Flush & Enhanced Trench Flush - reduce build up of debris and odor in the trench and tunnel
  • Submersible Pump Setups - multiple sizes available based on applications
  • AquaLink & AquaLink II Systems - clarify reclaim water and reduce odor
  • Chain Rinse - reduce build up of debris and odor in the trench and tunnel
  • Direct Feed Kits - eliminate odor and bacteria in holding tanks 
  • Self-Flushing Strainer Basket - eliminate the need for continuous cleaning, can be done on regular preventative maintenance visits
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spot-free rinse
system add-ons

  • Delivery Pump Setups - multiple options available based on GPM and PSI requirements
  • Reject Recapture Pump Setups - reduce water and sewer consumption by utilizing the RO reject for other wash applications 
  • Water Softeners - efficient operation, no electrical power required
  • Clear View Window Rinse Systems - maintain the glass in the wash bay by preventing hard water spotting and chemical residue that etches glass
  • Constant Pressure Systems - provide set water pressure to carwash applications
  • Water Storage Tanks - 100 gallons to 2500 gallons
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