The History of PurClean

By: Melissa Wooten
Jan 24, 2020 9:18:51 AM

New Wave Industries was founded in 1988 in Rocklin, California. It was a small company that was housed in only 2,200 square feet of warehouse space and designed equipment specific to the needs of the retail automobile industry. The systems created were essentially pressure washers but would eventually evolve into what is now the PurClean Auto Dealer Series of systems. The early systems were portable pressure washers integrated with the technology of demineralization in order to provide higher quality water. The goal was to provide the dealerships with an efficient and money-saving method of washing vehicles on the lot without having to hand dry them. As the process and design evolved even further, the demineralization technology was swapped out for something that was more cost-effective and is something New Wave Industries still uses today - reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis technology was able to generate even higher quality water at a lower cost, reducing the dealerships cost per vehicle even more. The PurClean Auto Dealer Series of systems remain in production today and can be seen in person at the upcoming NADA show in Las Vegas, NV.

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PurClean PurWater Blog

PurClean PurWater Blog

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