Reclaim Maintenance: How to Clean the Strainer Basket

Reclaim Maintenance: How to Clean the Strainer Basket

Posted by: Melissa Wooten on Apr 17, 2020 10:24:51 AM

This post will walk you through how to perform the weekly maintenance task of cleaning your strainer basket on your PurWater Water Recovery System. If you have any questions, or if you require any assistance, please contact our Technical Support department by calling 800.882.8854.

The Reclaim has a timer and will display a message to clean the basket once per week. Follow the system prompts.

  1. Turn the system to Hand mode. This will put the system in bypass mode so that the carwash can continue to run.
  2. Loosen the dogear bolts holding down the strainer basket housing lid.
  3. Remove one of the two dogear bolts closest to the front. The front left one works well.
  4. Rotate the strainer basket housing lid counter clockwise and slide the lid off the strainer basket housing.
  5. If the lid does not rotate or slide, remove all the dogear bolts and gently pry the lid from the strainer basket housing.
  6. Reach into the housing, grasp the strainer basket handle and twist the basket enough to break it free in the event it is lodged. Lift the strainer basket in a twisting motion to avoid breaking the handle and remove it from the housing.
  7. Remove and properly dispose of any large particulates that may have accumulated in the strainer basket.
  8. Rinse the basket with fresh water. Once it is clean, replace the basket into the housing.
  9. Inspect basket strainer lid O-Ring by running a finger around the circumference of the oring that is seated in the groove of the lid. It should not be cracked or cut and protruding slightly above the sealing surface. Over time, the O-Ring may flatten and require replacement. Check the basket sealing surface for debris. Clean as needed.
  10. Replace the lid and the dogear bolts.
  11. Tighten the dogear bolts in a cross pattern to ensure the strainer basket housing lid is evenly seated on the housing. Leave the rear two slightly loose.
  12. Press Off, follow the touch screen instructions to reset the basket timer.
  13. When you press F4 the screen will say you have reset the basket timer.
  14. Go into Auto and prime the pump - tighten the two rear dogear bolts when water appears as in the startup procedure.



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