Reclaim Maintenance: Ozone Maintenance

Reclaim Maintenance: Ozone Maintenance

Posted by: Melissa Wooten on Apr 23, 2020 12:24:32 PM

Weekly: Verify Ozone Production
With the power on and the system operating in Auto, check for ozone production (There should not be any errors on the Touch Screen or the Ozone Generator Screens).

  1. Remove the manhole cover over the underground reclaim tank where ozone gas is injected. An odor of ozone should be present.
    Caution: Inhaling concentrated ozone can create severe breathing problems. Precautions must be made to prevent exposure to concentrated ozone.
Monthly: Clean Oxygen Concentrator and Ozone Generator Filters

With the power On and system operating in Hand:

  1. Remove the air filter located on the right side under the splash shield on the oxygen concentrator. Gently remove the element. There is no cover retaining this filter.
  2. Remove the cover(s) retaining the filter element on the bottom of the ozone generator(s) Note that 4gram and 12gram units have one filter each. The 24gram has two. Once the cover is off - remove the filter element. 
  3. Shake the filters or use dry air to blow the dirt out of the filter. If needed, the filter element can be washed with mild detergent and water, but should be completely dry before reinstalling. Note that the filter will expand if it gets wet. The dry method is preferred.
  4. Reinstall the filter(s).
    If the filter element becomes frayed or damaged, replace it immediately. Contact PurWater for replacements.
    NOTE: Disregarding maintenance of the filter could result in the system overheating and possible failure.
Replace Oxygen Concentrator & Ozone Cells - 16,000 Hours

The Reclaim System has a built in timer that will display a “Half Life” message on the touch screen at 8,000 hours of elapsed run time which does not require any action beyond acknowledging the message. When elapsed run hours reach 16,000 hours - a “Full Life” message will be displayed indicating it is time to replace the ozone components.

  1. If this is a 4 gram system, contact your local distributor and order a rebuilt 4 gram ozone unit. One option is to purchase a rebuild kit as well as a rebuild tools kit. The original cabinet (if replaced), will be returned to PurWater (reversing the core charge) for rebuild and restocking.
  2.  If this a 12 or 24 gram system, both the Oxygen Concentrator AND the Ozone Cell(s) require replacement at this time. Contact your local distributor for replacement components. Leave the system running even though the full life warning is present.
  3. The oxygen concentrator will be removed from the frame and replaced with a new concentrator or rebuilt with a kit purchased from PurWater. (Part number for the rebuild kit is “AS 13 REBUILD KIT”
  4. The original concentrator will be discarded if replaced by a new unit.
  5. The ozone cell(s) will be removed and replaced with rebuilt cells. The original cells will be returned to PurWater (reversing the core charge) for rebuild and restocking.
  6. It is considered “Best Practice” to replace these components simultaneously and resetting the “Full Life” timer at the time of replacement.


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