RO Maintenance: Changing the Carbon Media

RO Maintenance: Changing the Carbon Media

Posted by: Melissa Wooten on May 14, 2020 10:16:12 AM

This post will discuss the RO maintenance task of changing out the carbon media in the carbon tank included with the PurClean RO Systems. This task should be performed every 12 to 18 months or as recommended by an experienced PurClean Technician.

Changing the Carbon Media
  1. Turn off the water supply. Remove the inlet, outlet and drain hoses from the carbon head. Carefully remove the head from the carbon tank by unscrewing it from the
    tank counter-clockwise.carbontank
  2. Invert the carbon tank & empty out the contents. Remove the stem and diffuser from the tank. Rinse the tank out using water. Also, rinse some water through the diffuser in both directions.
  3. Reinstall and cover the stem of the diffuser with masking tape. (Avoid using duct tape as it can leave a sticky residue which the auto head may catch on and jar the diffuser if pulled off again.) The top of the stem should be level with the top of the carbon tank.
    Note: The top of the stem should be LEVEL with the top of the carbon tank. If it is above this it may be damaged when installing the carbon head in Step #8. 
  4. Rinse the replacement pea gravel to remove all the fines and dirt. Pour the clean pea gravel into the tank. Cover the diffuser completely plus about 2” above it with pea gravel. Then add XX cubic feet of PN AGC-MG (Medical Grade Acid Washed Carbon) per the table below based on model number.
    Note: The tank is not intended to be totally full, see the picture on the right and note the carbon level.
  5. Remove the tape covering the stem and diffuser.
  6. Check carbon tank threads to be sure there is no stray carbon. Clean if necessary.
  7. Thread the carbon tank head on clockwise (see step 1) until it is snug onto the tank.
  8. Connect the water line up to the tank, and run the water to drain until the line runs clear and for 30 seconds after.
  9. Connect the carbon tank back up to the RO unit.
  10. Run two manual carbon tank backwashes (this takes about 20 minutes each time). Simply press the up and down arrow keys for 5 seconds to initiate each back wash.
  11. Restart the RO unit.
RO Model Carbon Tank Capacity / Size
PC1000-PC2000 .5 cu ft / 8" x 35"
PC3000-PC4500 1 cu ft / 10" x 44"
PC6000-PC10000 2 cu ft / 12" x 52"
PC15000-PC20000 3 cu ft / 14" x 65"
PC30000 5 cu ft / 18" x 65"

**Please note, sometimes specific circumstances require larger than standard carbon tanks to be included with the above PurClean models. If you're not sure what size carbon tank you have, please contact our Technical Support department at 800.882.8854.

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Melissa Wooten


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