Starting Up Your PurClean and PurWater Products

Starting Up Your PurClean and PurWater Products

Posted by: Melissa Wooten on Apr 24, 2020 9:48:43 AM

Starting the Reclaim up after extended shut down
  • If the power has been turned off on the Reclaim System for an extended amount of time the clock may need to be set on the PLC (follow the procedure in the equipment manual)
  • Tighten all unions if they were loosened (ONLY HAND TIGHT).
  • Turn city water on to equipment
  • Open the basket on the reclaim and remove lid
  • Press AUTO on the HMI screen and then prime the reclaim. Let the basket fill to the top with water and then press OFF. Make sure the water stays at the top of the basket. If it does not and it drains down the suction line the foot valves in the Reclaim Tanks will need to be checked.
  • Check the O-ring on the strainer basket lid. Use your finger and slid around the O-ring and feel if it is sticking up higher than the steal on the lid.
  • Priming procedure
  1. Replace Strainer basket lid.
  2. Tighten the two front dog ears bolt.
  3. Press the AUTO button on the HMI and then press the Prime button.
  4. Wait for water to flow out the back of the basket.
  5. Once it does tighten the two back dog ear bolts.
  6. The system will wait for the pressure to build t 4 PSI and then start.
  7. If the Reclaim does not prime loosen back dog ear bolts and repeat steps 3-6
Starting the Reverse Osmosis System after extended shut down
  1. Turn on city water to equipment
  2. Reinstall prefilter and housing
  3. Connect all hose back to pump and membrane housing(s)
  4. Flip toggle switch on right side of electrical box up to the on position
  5. Set units pump pressure and flows


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