AquaLink II Maintenance

AquaLink II Maintenance

Posted by: Melissa Wooten on Jul 30, 2020 9:55:55 AM

This post will cover maintenance tasks on the AquaLink II (or AOS II) unit. This information can also be found in the technical manual for this equipment. If you have any questions while performing maintenance tasks, please contact our technical support department at 800.882.8854.

Verify Pump Operation - Daily
cleaning the bio balls - once a quarter

A training video is for similar maintenance tasks performed on the AquaLink I (or AOS) unit are available for viewing on the PurClean Video Resource Page:


  1. The reclaim system must be put into “Hand” Mode.
  2. Loosen the unions on the plumbing so you can later remove the caps.
  3. Remove the housing clamps and housing caps to expose the bio ball baskets.
  4. Lift the baskets out of the housing and without removing the bio balls from the basket,
    start rinsing them down.
  5. Once they are clean, replace the bio ball baskets back into the housing and re-attach the
    housing caps and clamps.
  6. Connect and tighten the unions on the plumbing.
  7. Once you are ready, place the reclaim system back into the Auto mode.
  8. Let the AquaLink II system run for approximately 1-2 minutes to re-establish flow.
  9. Verify there are no faults on the reclaim system and the ozone is on and running.
Replace Dispensing Tube - Every 6 Months

Removing the tube from the pump body
Safety Note: Aqua Clear Chemical is Corrosive!! Always wear protective eyewear
and appropriate gloves to avoid direct contact when initially setting up the unit,
servicing the dispense tube, or replacing a chemical drum.

  1. Place the PurWater Reclaim system into “Hand”. This will put the Reclaim into bypass & remove
    the power source to the Aqualink dispense pump.
  2. Disconnect the In & Out Tubes – Remove the red cap and clear cover from Pump Body.
  3. Remove the existing tube from the can assembly.

Replacing the Dispense Tube - Part # 6027.302

With the Reclaim Unit in the Bypass Mode:
  1. Remove roller assembly from Pump Body.
  2. Place 1 or 2 drops of silicone oil on each roller.
  3. Attach the plastic tube fitting marked “R” into the right side of the pump body.
  4. Attach the plastic tube fitting marked “L” into the left side of the pump body.
  5. Slide the roller half down on the cam.
  6. Stretch the tube around the roller assembly. It may be easier to install the tube while the motor is rotating -- be very careful to avoid getting pinched by the cam if this method is attempted.
  7. Slide the roller the rest of the way on to the cam.
  8. Tuck tubing down into cavity of pump body.
  9. Replace the clear cover and red cap.
Restarting & Priming the Pump
  1. Place the PurWater Reclaim system back into “Auto”. This will restart the Reclaim system and re-enable the power to the pump. The pump will self-prime as the tubing is compressed.
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Melissa Wooten

Melissa Wooten


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