Equipment Refurbishment vs. Equipment Replacement

Equipment Refurbishment vs. Equipment Replacement

Posted by: Melissa Wooten on Jul 9, 2020 1:46:46 PM

When deciding whether to refurbish or replace your PurClean and PurWater equipment, it’s important to review all factors to ensure the most economical and efficient option is made for the long term. Replacement can often seem more expensive than refurbishment, while refurbishment may appear to have more down time and labor. Figuring out which way to go can be tricky, so we wanted to put together a blog post to help you decide which option might be best for your specific situation. Keep reading to learn what factors should be considered when weighing refurbishment versus replacement of your unit. 

Equipment Age 

The first thing to consider when deciding whether to replace or refurbish your PurClean and PurWater equipment is the age of unit. The easiest and most precise way to check a unit’s age is by finding the serial number label for the unit and calling us at PurClean. From there we can use the serial number to look up when the unit was shipped, to whom and what model it is. Maybe you can’t find the serial number – no problem. We can also use the original PO, Invoice, Packing Slip or Ship to Address to figure out which system is yours and how old it is. Determining the age of the system is the first step in deciding whether you should refurbish or replace. If the system is older than seven years old, it may be beneficial to replace considering what technology may have become available and what features could have been added to the newer units. If the system is less than five years old it may just need a refurbish to get it back up and running like new again.  

As Harrison Ford once said, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage”. PurClean and PurWater systems typically last 7-10 years with proper maintenance and upkeep. Placement of the unit also affects longevity as the system should be stored in a closed equipment room in most cases and kept in a mild and mostly dry environment. Performance of maintenance tasks is of the utmost importance to supporting the life of your equipment. We recommend keeping a running log of all maintenance tasks performed so that in the event of any problems this log can be referenced to determine what solution is best for your specific piece of equipment. All our maintenance tasks can be found in this blog as well as in the PurClean and PurWater technical manuals available in the distributor login portion of our website. 

Equipment Replacement 

There are some specific items to look out for when determining if replacement is needed. If the plumbing on your unit is damaged or cracking in multiple places, it might be best to replace the unit altogether. Similarly, if the cyclones on your PurWater unit are breaking and cracked the unit might need to be replaced. Other items that should be considered for replacement are if the frame is eroding and falling apart or if your control box is no longer responding or running the system. Lastly, in either situation, replacement or refurbishment, the reclaim tanks should be inspected and cleaned. This inspection will ensure that there are no hidden cracks in the underground plumbing that are crucial to proper operation of PurWater units. These conditions do require specific evaluation to determine the best option, please contact us at PurClean so we can help you decide if your system can be refurbished. 

Replacing an older unit will typically be your best option when pertaining to improved features and functionality. Over the last several years, we’ve made improvements to our systems to increase savings, boost efficiency and enhance the quality of the output water. Technological advances such as improved ozone units, stainless steel frames, and new membrane technology make our current generations of equipment better than they’ve ever been. The investment to replace your unit guarantees equipment longevity eliminating the costs of future refurbishment that might be required on an older unit. Our units are manufactured to last a long time, but like all products can lose their shine over timeA new unit can help your business succeed right away without all the added labor and cost of replacing parts on an older unit. 

Equipment Refurbishment 

When refurbishing a unit, you might be refurbishing to repair or refurbishing to upgrade specific features. Some items that can be replaced during refurbishment are the ozone units, the pumps/motors, minor plumbing, and the control box elements. If you’re considering refurbishmentit’s also important to consider what new features might be available if you replace your unit instead. Features like touchscreen interfaces, upgraded software and improved ozone units are just a few examples of things that might not be standard on your unit’s generation and may be beneficial to your specific situation. As with replacement, it’s important to clean and inspect your reclaim tanks for any damaged plumbing or unseen problems.  

The biggest factor most consider in this situation is cost. Is it more expensive to replace damaged items on your unit, or more expensive to replace the unit altogether? This will vary from site to site depending on the unit’s condition and the needs of the site specifically. It will also vary depending on the level of investment you’re able to put into your business. We at PurClean want to work with you in helping you decide what the best decision is for you and your business. Call us to discuss your options with your specific unit and we’ll walk you through the process and the price comparison. We want you to be happy with our systems, which means we want our systems running at optimum performance for you and your business. Please contact us with any questions you might have by calling 800.882.8854, emailing or using one of the Contact Forms on our website. We look forward to serving you!  



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